our approach to being a Kenya SEO Expert

Deep and enjoyable relationships, that’s what I like. Being a Kenya SEO expert means that I treat every client’s business as my own. I believe marketing consultants should be more than an adviser. The idea is to put myself in my client’s shoes and do the best for them.

For the right outcome, the right approach is necessary. That includes sticking to timelines and budgets. Speed, agility and the expertise to do the work is what I thrive for.

Kenya SEO Expert
Alex Training another Kenya SEO Expert

This last 3 days have just been amazing with you at the white board, pushing out personal limits to greater heights

tony muiruri tribe hotel
Tonny Muiruri
Marketing Manager, Tribe Hotel

What I learned in this course cannot be put in words. It was the most entertaining and informative marketing course I have ever attended. I’m only sad that it was soo short. Internet Marketing is its infancy in Kenya and CIMP certification is the way to go.

david mwaniki
David Mwaniki
Market Development Manager, Kenya Literature Bureau

I needed someone to help me run some training program on internet marketing in Mombasa. Alex not only showed up but what we learned in 4 days was more than we expected

david savvy africa
David Tuikong
CEO, Savvy Africa

I was asked by someone at CIM to attend the training. I’m not only glad I did but also got to make long lasting friendships with marketers just like me. It was the best 5 day workshop I have ever attended.

maureen mutua
Maureen Mutua
Digital Marketing Executive, FCm Travel Solutions

Constant Learning and Experimentation

There are very many reasons Google uses to rank websites. I choose to use the ones that work for a particular industry. As a Kenya SEO expert, I conduct my own experiments on factors that can rank websites in Kenya.

That includes reading and learning from my own client’s experiences. The goal is to keep up to date with the constant changes in search. These happen daily.

Trust and Honesty

The SEO process is a long term proposition. Clients that I trust and have trusted me with their business for more than a year, have seen their business flourish. I’m not afraid to tell you when you are wrong or listen to your ideas. After all, no one can claim to know everything.


At the same time I don’t take on customers who come to me after breaking their relationship with other SEO companies in Kenya. SEO never works for periods of less than 6 months and I’m not immune to that fact.

Website Overhauls and Redesigning

I’m not afraid to completely redo your website if it fails in basic SEO principles. You shouldn’t either. Websites are only useful if they meet minimum SEO standards otherwise we can have them as art pieces. Google first page results depend a great deal on the on-page SEO in place.

Efficient Use of Your Budget

I’m from the SEO old school of thought. The less you spend in marketing, the better it is for your business. After all, that is why SEO begun in the first place.

To stay ahead of Kenya SEO experts, its imperative that one pays attention to detail. Many companies have used ridiculous amounts of money to run online marketing campaigns and still have no proof of concept.

It doesn’t mean that you shall not invest in SEO, you shall. However, your budget must be reasonable and achieve a particular goal.

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