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Digital Marketing Services in KenyaA Digital Marketing Agency in Kenya You Can Trust

In today’s market, its not easy to pick the right digital marketing service in Kenya. You have to look at their abilities, your budget, assign a budget and trust that you have the right fit. Choosing the best digital marketing agency in Kenya or consultant will help you meet your goals.

It’s about having your questions answered and avoiding all the mistakes others have made before. The best outcome is that you find a perfect fit for your needs. Let’s get started, shall we!

What Digital Marketing Services in Kenya Do you Offer?

Our clients are those that need to be rooted in organic, owned and earned media. I believe that everything you do online should go into the company balance sheet. The services are more concerned with the long term development of your business. Not short term goals like Facebook followers or twitter followers.

Real balance sheet items. After all its not fun spending money without returns.


Can You Really do the Job?

If you are looking for grand promises, you won’t find them here. SEO is a long term proposition. However, long term clients are not complaining.

Digital Marketing Services in Kenya

What industries do you specialize in?

If your business needs business, then you can be a client. However, of course if you are doing anything illegal or morally offensive, we may not be the best fit.

I don’t take competing clients at the same time. If you are in the fields of e-commerce, healthcare, education, professional services, news and media, energy, and a startup we could be a good fit.

How much do your online marketing services cost?

I don’t believe in a fee structure for online marketing services. It doesn’t make sense. Every client is different, has different needs and different goals to achieve. They all have different budgets and different timelines.

A one size fits all fees structure cannot work for your business. However, I do have a monthly retainer in addition to actual work performed on your project.

If we sound like the right fit for you, reach out and contact us below. I’ll get in touch if it looks like the right project for my team.

SEO Consulting

Looking for a common sense SEO strategy that works for your business, then look no further. This service shall help you understand your competition, find the keywords to target, create a work plan and finally profit. The methods used are proprietary to us.

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