Internet Marketing is a journey. Mine has been full of ups and downs. Along with working with some of the best online campaigns, I’ve also had more failures along the way. I’m proud of all the failures and achievements and the people who led me here.

From Part Time Watchman To First Website

We took a long time to save to buy our first computer. Three guys walking into Costco, New Hampshire, USA to buy a computer who’s only purpose was to play computer games. I had never touched a computer. That was the education system in Kenya in 2001.

Then this guy from Boston College told us we could make cash if we worked online. “What do you mean?”, we asked. “First, you can write articles and make money”, he said.


From Forum Poster to Article Writer to Copywriter

Who would have thought that 13 years writing English compositions at Moi Avenue Primary School and Nakuru High School would pay? And writing I did. My first online job was to write short forum posts on websites. I would get paid a whooping $0.01 per 100 words. Oh boy, I would be rich or rich, wasn’t I? I spent more time at Digital Point forum than partying in Boston.

Something had to change otherwise I’d take that watchman job.

Opportunity knocked when Affiliate marketing became the biggest gig on the internet. Someone had to write that content.Over 2 years I was engaged with over 100 affiliate marketing websites and Amazon. Copy-writing for online companies was now a full time job.


First Website Was a Total Failure

I have an excuse for that. Webdesign in Kenya is not taught in Land Economics class. I remember it as I had no idea what it was supposed to do, but I bought a website that was mine.The second one was even worse. It was called

Hear me out for a second. The idea was “brilliant”! I would setup a radio station for Kenyan music online and people would pay me “lotsa money” to listen to the music.

I learned that ideas on the internet, are just that. They have to be backed up by a great work ethic, keyword research, SEO and a good business plan.

Oh, by the way, I sold the domain a long time a go. For a profit of $1.


Founded First Internet Marketing BPO in Africa

It’s not easy coming back home. It was even harder setting up my new company African Centre for Internet Marketing.

Saying it was not easy, is an understatement. I continue to thrive to learn more every day and educating small business on internet marketing. Coaching and Mentoring those that want to go into internet marketing is now my focus in life.

Our team created the first SEO Business Processing Company in Africa. All our clients were based in the US, UK and Europe. It was great training new people in internet marketing in Kenya


Full Time Online Entrepreneur and Trainer

Over the past 4 years I’ve concentrated more on consulting and training. I love creating digital marketing processes and it’s always a pleasure teaching. Consulting in various countries like Tanzania, Uganda and Rwanda has opened up my view to what can be done for businesses online.

Doing so has also enabled me to creating lasting partnerships with great talent and investors in the internet marketing space. Some of the current projects include:

  • The Tipping Point Media Company – Investing in online business ideas.
  • Axios Digital Labs – A lead generation company that’s already making waves in the real estate industry in Kenya

2014 to Present