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Tony Muiruri

Perfect Course!


I am over 40 years. After Alex’s training, I write content for my company and don’t know why I never did that before. The results in terms of ROI for my business are amazing.

Tonny Muiruri

Amazing & Useful Content


It’s very expensive hiring article writers. So I decided to try Alex before he started this course. All I can tell you is, you will not find a better coach than him

Bill Osano

You will not only learn the secrets of expert online article writers but:

  • Why you must claim your ksh. 10000 bonus FREE - And you MUST be quick about it (or lose it)
  • The most powerful way to write you articles fast - and still get paid WELL for them.
  • The perfect way to FORCE genius level articles from your mind - even if you hate writing or you are not "a writer

You probably came to this page because you want to write great articles online that you can make a living out of or simply want to improve the quality of your own online business.

Maybe you are just getting started or thinking about getting started….or maybe you’ve been at this a while and just don’t have the success you want….or maybe you are doing well. But feel like you’ve only just begun to tap the true potential you have and your business have.

I’m going to share with you the most powerful method I know of accelerating your success. When I say accelerate, I mean you can literally skip years of trial and error, and compress years into days.

At the Article Foundry Academy, you will walk in with a blank page, and walk out with your quality articles written. Done.

In just a minute, I’m going to explain how you can claim your free web hosting hosting for a year and free website building training and consistent article writing gigs – your bonus ksh. 10000 bonus gift for being a student of good standing. This ksh. 10000 gift is yours free, today, while it lasts.

I say, “while it lasts” because we have a very limited number of spots available, due to the very limited resources we have to train, once we have reached our limited numbers, we will close down registration until the next season.

But why is it so important for you to claim your spot? The reason is chilling: your living standards could be at stake.

If You Don't Fix This Problem, It Just Get's Worse

As free enterprising people….people who want to take our life wisdom, ideas, stories and experiences…..and turn that into an income, we face many sobering facts.

The fact is a lot of people feel like they have failed, not because they don’t have ideas or the expertise….but simply because they don’t have CASH.

It’s not a problem with individuals only…Even businesses face the same CASH problem. 

According to Keith Cunningham, the inspiration for the book “Rich Dad, Poor Dad”, the number one reason businesses and people fail is….a lack of cash flow. Keith says “Cash is fact.” So their business fails for a very simple reason: they can’t pay their bills.

You work for years to get that college degree…You finally get your certificate but get a job…..You get a job but can’t even buy yourself lunch….It seems like every time you have another idea, there’s a knee on your neck.

I Have Been There Myself

Maybe you’ve been there yourself. I know i have in the past.

You have these moments of inspired action, where you see the vision for your future. You know you have something to offer the world from you expertise. You are confident of your value, of your mission, of your purpose.

And then the “real world” comes crashing in.

You have so many responsibilities. So many expenses. So many ideas. There is so much to do. You work and work and work. For some, you even work looking for work,  and finally you put yourself out there and….crickets. No work, no cash. Nothing. Nada.

Deal With It.......Or Your Pockets Remain Dry

And as if that is not bad enough…..I’m going to tell you how it turns out.

If you don’t do something radically different from what you have been doing before,  you will become a statistic. And statistics are even worse than what I shared earlier.

According to the Business Daily, the youth unemployment rate in Kenya is 39%.  Nine in every 10 unemployed Kenyans are 35 years and below. Most of whom have poor paying jobs and are actively seeking for another job.

When you break it down to look at our kinds of business – teachers, chicken farmers, consultants, bank managers and small business it way worse.

Only 3 out of a hundred succeed.

That means that out of every 100 people reading this, 97 are going to be out of business within the next 12 months.

Only 3 survive.

All of us think we are goig to be one of those 3, but clearly 97 of us are wrong about that.


What I Really Needed Was Cash..Now.

But there is hope. You can self-select out of the 97% who fail, and be one of the 3 who succeed. You can get out of the “cash flow hole”.

You can proactively decide to be part of the 3% who have positive cash flow, have the money to grow your career, your business and live the life of freedom you want. I believe you have the power to decide, and then act, and create an online business you deserve and the life of your dreams.

It probably doesn’t surprise you to hear me say that you are only one article away from financial freedom. That’s probably why you want to join the Article Foundry Academy.

Inside the Academy, I will give you the keys to your cash kingdom. You can open that door, walk up the stairs and ascend to the levels of freedom you’ve only dreamed of before.

I’ll explain why in a moment….But first, let me explain how we got here.

The Search for Online Article Writing Jobs

I know what most people do. They hear from their friends that there are online article writing jobs and start searching for them. After all, it’s the Kenyan way… copy and paste what others are doing.

They go to YouTube to learn how to write….of course they have no idea if the person on YouTube has ever written a word in their lives and worse, there’s no way to learn how to write effectively from 5 minute YouTube videos.

Others go to Facebook forums and get “training” which usually consists of a few PDFs sent on email. You end up still unsure of your abilities and give up even before all the PDFs have been sent to you.

Others take the “self-training” route. Which usually ends up in tears when you find out that you can’t train yourself on something you don’t know. You wonder if it’s easier to be among the underemployed statistics.

So what can you do? It sounds almost impossible…..But it isn’t. You just need to make sure that whatever solution you choose to learn has the following criteria. 

  • Use systems and checklists. You want these to be created by an online writer who has been in the trenches and has the battle scars to show for his loses and victories.
  • Get feedback on your writing from a pro. But be careful - there are plenty of people who give you "feedback" that is worthless at best and detrimental at worst.
  • Use the power of the "single thought strategy" - This is one of my most powerful writing secrets. I have used this system to churn out over 10 articles in a day that were powerful and profitable.
  • Get in-person reaction to your articles - The response of another human being is important and invaluable. I'll check it until you get it right.
  • Try out your writing on real websites. - They say the proof is in the pudding and I'm willing to pay for good pudding. Select Academy members will get a chance to write for a real project and get paid for their efforts.

Even Though I Knew How to Write Great Articles....I Almost Quit

It’s not easy being a successful online article writer. I started in the days when writing articles was not even a thing, sometime in the early 2000’s…

There was no training, you just wrote whatever you were told to write. Of course being a Kenyan in the USA, my English writing skills are what they call “non-native”. Yet I had to live and thrive.

So I experimented trying to improve myself. I read books and invested in software to check my grammar and any other thing they could check. It was a real struggle.

I hated my day job and knew my future was working online. I had a new boss and that was me. And my new boss demanded the best at all times without excuses.

But how do you quit your day job and start your own business writing articles for others online?


The Weird Decision That Changed Everything

For some strange reason – I’m not sure it was a divine nudge from God – I decided to attend an article writing workshop.

It was very scary for me. It was going to cost a lot of money and I’d have to take time off from work. I even remember having to change shifts with a work mate to make it happen. I had to convince my friends that I was not insane.

But I worked through those challenges and I attended the workshop.

And that’s when everything changed for me. I learned more, advanced quickly and made quick progress. That 3 day workshop taught me more than I had been teaching myself in 12 months.

I also found out the secret to achieving online business success. Learning….

And not just learning from everyone who had something to teach…..There were very many….many were not that good. What was the difference? Here’s what I found…..

What's the Difference That Made a Difference

The training that made the most impact were transformational in my life.

More often they were more like workshops and less than seminars. They had little of none of those motivational speeches and lectures…but actually got stuff done.

Events and training I have attended like these ones included ones by Seth Godin, Allan Weiss, Jay Abraham, Ray Edwards and Jeff Walker.

Each time the core value they offered was “get things done, right now, today. Not maybe tomorrow but now.” Results driven training.

Once I realized this difference maker, “getitdone” even are the only type of training I will attend.

And this is exactly how I designed the Article Foundry Academy.

Here's What You Are Getting at The Article Foundry Academy (And Why You Should Sign Up)

Article Foundry has worked for me, for hundreds of others, and it will work for you, too. We’ve created this system so that it can enable you to write faster than ever before. That should help you serve more clients and make more money.

We’ve also designed it in to help you create content that is so captivating that customers consider you the expert. 

Here’s what’s in the System:

Module 1: How To Get the Tools You Need So That You Can Succeed in Article Writing

  • Change your writing habits so that you can earn more
  • Master the tools you need for your article writing career
  • Master the basics of winning articles
  • Enjoy some paid tools we give to you free to start you writing career

Module 2: How To Create Articles with Drama and Excitement to Keep Readers from Falling Asleep

  • Enjoy creating drama in your articles with your own personality
  • Enjoy writing your article over and over again from a different angle and not know the difference
  • Master my secret single thought strategy to create master articles.

Module 3: How to Structure Your Articles in 10 Minutes For Efficient Writing

  • Master the science of creating article structures that deliver quality content
  • Get instant feedback even before you write your articles
  • Master how to write article structures that allow you hammer out articles at the speed of your typing.

Module 4: How to Write the Types of Headlines that Bring Food To Your Table

  • Enjoy more traffic to your website or product offers by writing article headlines that attract viral attention.
  • Get amazing headline templates to use at all times.
  • Master the science of emotionally connecting with your readers even before they read your article.
  • Enjoy creating headlines that will get you noticed by even the worst of your enemies.

Module 5: How to Keep Your Readers Engaged in Your First 100 Words

  • Forget about writers block. We'll show you how to hammer out the first 100 words like a pro.
  • Master how to get instant attention to your articles like a pro
  • Create drama in the first paragraph of you content all the time.
  • Master the first processes in Search Engine Optimization for your articles

Module 6: How to Write the Most In Demand Types of Content on the Internet Today

  • Master the art of writing results driven product reviews
  • Change the size of your pocket by learning where to find article writing gigs
  • Master the art of writing SEO Articles that your clients will beg for again and again

The investment for Article Foundry Academy is $100. However, for the first 10 people it shall only be $50 Join today.

Get Instant Access to A Free Lesson in The Course

We’ve structured this course in great detail. It’s designed to maximise your time and money by helping you make “mistakes”. You’re never ever alone to work out things.

Order Right Now and Get This Free Bonus Gift Worth ksh. 10000

Because we want you to succeed and do better than the 97% I’m going to add a special gift for the first 10 people who sign up  today. I’m including it for you FREE.

I can guarantee that after taking this course you will be hungry to learn more about online business and internet marketing in general. To get you started I’m offering you a FREE year of web hosting. This is usually ksh. 10,000 a year from our partners.

There’s more

It’s not enough to have web hosting. We shall give you our free web development course for you to build your very own website. It is the exact system we use to create websites for our clients. It should help you market yourself better in your new career. That in itself is worth over ksh. 20000

Frequently Asked Questions

Still Have Questions? Here are the answers to the ones we most commonly hear.

The course is 100% online through video and worksheets. Y

The lessons are all online and you can access them through your computer or even your mobile phone whenever you wish to.

You will see from our training that we insist that you get a Paypal account. However, for a short time you can pay through our Mpesa Paybill number which we shall provide to you once you show register online.

Get Free Access to The Course

You’ll be given precisely what you need to get a high level of confidence—and skill—in article writing. 


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