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Learn how to use social media, SEO, and content marketing to increase ROI for your career or business.

Follow our hands on case studies and repeat them for your success.

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Hands on Digital Marketing Training in Kenya

It's not enough to get a certification in digital marketing. You need the real world skills that SEO's use for their clients. Not fluff and unnecessary courses that can't be used in the real world. Learn from real case studies from the SEO experts who do as they teach.

Latest Trends in Digital Marketing and SEO

Receive the latest news and trends in the digital marketing field. We are committed to keeping our students up-to-date with the latest industry trends so that they can stay ahead of the competition.

Learn how to run and manage your own online business

In this digital marketing training, you will learn how to build an online business and start earning a full time income. Most people think that it’s hard work managing an online business, but it really isn’t — here, I’ll show you how easy it is!

World-class Digital Marketing Skills

With our training, you’ll learn the basics of digital marketing and how to apply it to your career. Whether you want to learn the technical aspects in SEO or run a fully fledged online marketing campaign, we have you covered.

In just a few days, you’ll have a working knowledge of what you need to do to get traffic to your site and customers to your business.

Short Digital Marketing Course that actually worked

" It’s very expensive hiring article writers. So I decided to try Alex before he started this course. All I can tell you is, you will not find a better coach than him"

Bill Osano

(Website Owner: )


Best SEO Training I may ever get! 

" Within the first week I had learned how to redo my website from zero. The results were amazing. And I used to pay for SEO services in Kenya"

Peter Paul Mwangirauss

( Blogger)


Amazing Content Marketing Training with real websites.

" I have attended Coach Maina's training 4 times. Each time I learned more than the first time. I now run 3 websites and consistently get clients from them."

 Tonny Muiruri

( Hotelier and Consultant)


faq's on short term digital marketing courses

Our Digital Marketing Online Courses give you the skills and insight to drive the change in your company or business

Is Digital Marketing Easy to Learn?

Digital Marketing is not easy. It takes years of hands on work and hours of study. It's difficult to find an expert digital marketer who is not an avid reader of the latest trends in online marketing.

Is there a career in internet marketing?

From social media marketers, SEO experts, Web Designers and even online article writing, the job opportunities in internet marketing are endless. Worldwide as well as in East Africa.

What qualifications do I need to have to start inbound marketing training?

If you wish to move your career into the upper echelons of Digital agencies a basic degree would be great. However, hundreds of marketers have no specialized degrees or courses. Most learn on the job and instead take short digital marketing courses to iron our particular aspects in the trade.

How Can I learn SEO?

Most SEO's in the world learn on the job. Nothing beats experience in this industry. A well structured SEO course is just the beginning with a good mentor and on the job training.

How Long does it take to learn internet marketing?

It can take as long as you are willing to learn and implement. For most of our courses we need you to set aside at least 80 hours for basic training. 

Which course is best for inbound marketing?

Everyone has their own special courses they love. However, a basic understanding of SEO is needed by most practitioners. 

Can I learn digital marketing online?

Yes! It is probably one of the few courses in the world where you can learn solely online.

What is the Digital Marketer salary Kenya?

For entry level trainees one can start at about ksh. 20000 per month. However, a few months later you should start getting over 80k per month especially if you are delivering results.