The Kenyan Blogging Challenge - A Case Study

it's not enough to say blogging works. why not prove it?

180 Days of Blogging

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I'm sure you have heard it all before. Blogging is a great online business.

But how true is this? Is there proof? Real proof not someone saying so. 

That's why I came up with this challenge. Since 2006, I have been involved in hundreds of online marketing projects in Kenya as well as worldwide. In fact, we created the first company in East Africa wholly dedicated to training people in making money online through blogging.

It has been an interesting journey.

It's also been exciting to train individuals who had no previous knowledge on blogging. Most of them have gone on to run extremely successful online businesses on their own. I can't forget one gentleman who could not type to save his life. Yet, he went on and became one of the most prolific Amazon E book creators in Kenya.  It's obvious I love Charles. 


It's never enough, is it? Between crisscrossing East Africa and playing with my kids at home, I know that there are more Kenyans out there who can benefit from this experience. And yes, I'm a father of 3 and I work from home. Of course a client needs me in their office, I don't remember the last time I cared about the traffic in Nairobi.

Why Should You Care?

Honestly, I wouldn't know why you would care about my business. Unless, it's changing your life.

I believe that everyone has something to say. I also believe that when you have something to say, it's a good idea to get paid for it. I don't see why you should not benefit from what you know. 

Sometimes, you can tell people things you don't know about, yet still get paid. Ask a politician near you.

That's blogging in a nutshell. It's not making money online, it's not a get rich quick scheme. It's telling people stuff and getting paid for it. 

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As long as you have something to say, I can help you get paid for it. That's whole purpose of this case study

Blogging in Kenya

How I Got Started.

Believe it or not it was all a fluke. Someone came to our dorm and brought up this crazy idea of making money with computer. Really? I thought these things only play games? 

We got ourselves organised and created "a website". Please don't ask about the quality of "the website". It's only for me and my kids to know. In 2001 there were very few schools, even in America, that taught Web Design. But we had a bookshop called Barnes and Noble and we used it....effectively. 

Over the next few years we created a few more sites. Our earnings were all from Google Adsense and it was fun. The process was simple. Just create a funny looking website, place a few ads and walla! Get paid on Friday. oooohhh the good times.

However, times have changed. 

You can see one of the more successful websites below. It was called Don't ask me how, but it was voted amongt the top 20 forex websites worldwide in 2006. I don't know about the criteria they used, but I know it made a difference in my lifestyle.

And No! I know nothing about Forex Trading!

my forex website

By the time I sold it, it had bought me a few more packets of milk than my neighbours. I earned from it through various methods

  • Google Adsense
  • Affiliate Marketing
  • Re-selling software 

And all was good. Don't worry if you don't know what I have just said. That's the whole purpose of this Kenyan Blogging Case Study. Believe me, when you are done with it, you will know more than I knew when starting out.

A word of warning. Not all websites make money. Just as not all kiosks earn a profit.

Blogging is a True Profession

There is this concern that people usually have about being called a "blogger". Especially after the type of "bloggers" we have seen in Kenya, that's to be expected. However, worldwide, writing about things that you love or hate, is a real profession.

The only problem is that those that blog professionally in Kenya are not motivated to inform the masses. You know, it's this Kenyan thing about everyone sailing in the same ship.  However, the ocean is right here and we have to get great sailors on board. Now!

Yes, there are Kenyans who do very well with the online businesses. Note I did not say with their blogs. I said online business. Because this is a business like any other. 

I would like to take this time to disuade quite a number of you. If writing is your passion, blogging is not for you. If you love talking about monkeys and you want to make money from it, then this case study is not for you.

We'll take this journey as a real business. 

We have a few questions to answer.


can anyone start blogging in Kenya as a side hustle?

I don't really know about "anyone" or "everyone. However, I do know of a lady over 55 in Kenya who I trained and I don't see her complaining. She knows more internet marketing than most SEO companies in Kenya, but she doesn't say. But if you had the misfortune of going through the 8-4-4 system of education, this is doable.


Is it better to keep chicken or start a blog?

We'll document everything. From the cost of setting up the site, content creation and even social media marketing. Trust me, it does cost money to make money and blogging does have costs. I don't care what they gurus tell you, but it has a cost.


How much shall i earn as a blogger in kenya?

If I knew that I'd start a religion. I don't know. That is the whole purpose of this journey. Isn't it? We have come up with a thesis that it's possible for a Kenyan blogger earn a passive income of ksh.100,000 per month..Every month. Ours is to try and achieve that. In the meantime, you shall learn all that we know in internet marketing. How's that for a deal? 


How much does blogging cost to start in Kenya?

That is exactly what we are going to answer for you. We shall cost services, products and even TIME. Yes, time is more important than you can imagine in online marketing and it has a very high cost. Sign up FREE to get started.

Let's see what you shall get from our Free Kenyan Blogging Course

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    How to Build Your Own Website. We are so confident that we'll teach you build a professional website, we'll build it for you if you can't do it within the first 4 weeks..
  • check
    How to Brand Your Business for Maximum Profits. Remember, we are not blogging, we are creating a going concern that feeds you and your children. Call it your side hustle.
  • check
    How to Grow Your Social Media Clout....and monetize it. No need to have 20k Facebook followers who don't buy your stuff.
  • check
    Content Creation and Management.  A blog needs content. We'll show you the exact techniques we use to generate content for our blogs. Some automated others not.
  • check
    The Basics of SEO. If you plan on making a living on the internet, you must learn. We'll be happy to show you the basics plus the very complicated strategies for your success.
  • check
    Online Marketing Techniques we DON'T blog about. Or course we don't give out all that we know on the internet. But as our community member, you will learn.

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